What can I do to prepare for my child's photo shoot?
If your child is still a baby, I've found that babies are happiest right after eating. Let me know your child's normal feeding schedule (if she's got one, yet!) and we'll plan around that. Also, bring sentimental items for the shoot: your own baby clothes, a special teddy bear, or baby's first shoes. Make a mental list of your child's recent developments, so I will be sure and document those. If you have a "comparative item" to measure growth against each photo shoot, don't forget to bring it. These could include: a 1-year outfit that baby will eventually grow into, a stuffed animal, a blanket, etc. Bring along snacks and a favorite toy to keep your child's attention toward the camera.
When is the best time to take pictures of my newborn?
Any time in the first two weeks is a good time. I will plan to start the shoot right after a feeding, so baby is happy. I will generally come to your house for a newborn shoot.
Can I do anything to prepare for my newborn's photo shoot?
Yes! While your baby is beautifully perfect, sometimes his skin might be dry. A baby-specific lotion before the photo shoot makes a big difference.
When is the best time for maternity photos?
Anywhere between 30 and 40 weeks is fine. Don't get too close to your due date in case your baby decides to come early!
Can I do anything to prepare for my maternity shoot?
Wear loose clothing at least an hour before the session, so there will be no bra or elastic marks on your skin. When picking out clothing, pick clothes that will accentuate your beautiful belly and make you feel wonderful.
I have a newborn and don't want to expose her to the outside, yet. Can you come to my home?
Yes! I love visiting people's homes for photo shoots, whether they're newborn, maternity, or just family portraits. All I ask is that there is an area with good indirect lighting. I can bring a backdrop, so don't worry about full walls or messy rooms.
My family has a favorite spot where we like to be together. Could you take our photos there?
I would love to! I will travel anywhere, though there are mileage charges beyond fifteen miles. Let me know the location in advance so I can make sure professional photography is allowed (sometimes extra fees are required) and find the best spots for your photos.
When is payment due?
The sitting fee is due during the clothing consultation/at the point of scheduling. If you've requested a collection that requires a minimum purchase, that amount must be paid as a deposit before the session begins. Payment for prints are due at the time of your order.
Can I have the digital negatives?
When you make a purchase of $500 or more, you will receive a complimentary set of high-resolution files, sized 4x6. To maintain my high standard of quality, and insure that my customers are happy with the final product, I do not sell my digital negatives. The 4x6 images that I give may be used for small prints (4x6 and smaller), online social media, email to family and friends, and many other ways! It is my thanks to you for your investment.